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Driver's License Suspension

If you have had a DUI arrest and are facing DUI charges in the state of Pennsylvania, the Law Firm of Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. can make the system work in your favor. Often a DUI conviction results in DUI Penalties such as license suspension or having your driver's license revoked. The experienced defense attorneys at our firm will work to shorten your suspension time and even possibly be able to get the verdict overturned.

There are programs such as ARD, especially for first time offenders, that will shorten your suspension time and help you avoid jail time. We can also help you challenge your determined blood alcohol level on several determining factors including malfunction of the breathalyzer, human error, etc.

Unfortunately the DUI consequences are great, especially when faced with a Second or Third offense. We want you to know your rights and we understand the difficulties you will face if you do receive a loss of license. We can potentially get your driving privileges re-implemented on a limited basis, especially if driving is necessary for your livelihood. Contact us if you have questions regarding CDL licenses as well or even if you already have the Ignition Interlock System installed on your vehicle.

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