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Legal Name Changes

In Pennsylvania, you can legally change your name for virtually any reason. At Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C., we specialize in family law and will be your go-to law firm for whatever reason you are looking for a name change. Whether it's due to marriage, divorce, for professional purposes or for personal reasons, your attorney will make it easy for you to understand and complete the legal process.

Name Change Process

There are five steps to completing the name change procedure. First you must file a name change petition and, provided that you are not attempting to change your name due to fraudulent reasons such as avoiding debt or criminal prosecution, you will have a hearing scheduled in one to three months. You then must publish the name change in at least two major newspapers in your county. Thirdly you must obtain a criminal record for the past five years. If you have no record or civil judgments against you, then you will need a certificate verifying that no record exists. The fourth step of the process is to attend your name change hearing with all requested documents in hand. Lastly you will need to replace all of your legal identity cards to reflect the new name change using a copy of the court order as evidence.

Changing a Minors Name

Your lawyer at Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. will also assist you with legal name changes for minors. Many people will seek out a legal name change for their children in cases of adoption, divorce, marriage, paternity, domestic violence and your child's preference. In Pennsylvania, if the biological or adoptive parent of a minor child changes their name legally, the minor child's surname will also be changed unless there is a court order stating otherwise. The basic process is the same for an adult who changes their name, although all custodial parents will need to be involved in the process of the name change for the minor. Your attorney will assist you with all of your questions and concerns regarding obtaining a new legal name for your child and make the process an easy one for you.

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