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Drug Possession Attorney Services for Chambersburg, PA

If you have been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney on your side. The Law Firm of Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. has defense attorneys who have helped individuals from minor drug charges to the most serious and we are prepared to help you as well.

Drug possession in Pennsylvania is considered illegal for any controlled substances that are in your home, car, on your person or any other place that is considered to be in your dominion or control, if you do not have a prescription for it.

In Pennsylvania, most drug possession charges come from the possession of cocaine or crack cocaine, marijuana, heroin and prescription painkillers that do not have a valid prescription to go with them. There are several defenses your possession attorney can use for simple drug possession charges including illegal search and seizure, possessing drugs unwittingly, entrapment, lack of intent or lack of knowledge of the drug, etc.

Drug trafficking charges can be much more serious in the state of Pennsylvania and are based on the amount of illegal and controlled substances found in your possession. Your defense attorney will immediately look for probable cause in your defense and will attempt to prove that there was none and that the search and seizure was illegal.

Drug crimes are serious business and if you find yourself needing a possession or defense attorney, the Law Firm of Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. will be there to fight for your rights and be sure that you understand all of your options including plea bargains and reform options. Call your defense attorney today to set up a consultation.