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We offer divorce litigation experience that can manage an uncontested divorce or can bring a contested divorce to a fair and timely finalization. Our Family Law attorneys will help you prepare for divorce and sort out your marital property. Abom & Kutulakis will fight any disputes with your well-being in mind.

Divorce is a type of lawsuit which starts with the filing of a Divorce Complaint. Grounds for divorce are divided into three categories: Fault, Institutionalization and No-Fault. No-Fault is the most common method for dissolving a marriage, and generally is the least time-consuming legal option.

When legally dissolving a marriage, disputes often arise over how to divide the marital property. The legal process for resolving disputes is called Equitable Distribution. Our attorneys have many years of experience in the careful review that is required for a fair distribution. We are also prepared to handle custody and support matters connected to your divorce.

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