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When your loved one has passed away, the administration of his or her final wishes can feel like an extra emotional burden. If your loved one is like most other people, he or she had some assets and perhaps some debts at the time of death. Those assets and debts are known as his or her Estate, and the proper handling of an Estate can be a stressful task. Our experienced attorneys can help.

Whether a person made very detailed plans regarding the disposition of their assets and inheritance taxes upon death, or no plans whatsoever, Pennsylvania’s comprehensive set of laws and procedures ensure that assets and debts are distributed according to that person’s wishes. In cases where no will was prepared, assets must be distributed according to guidelines set by state law.

Generally, the Probate process involves four-steps. First, an Estate is opened at the courthouse, notices are given to heirs and beneficiaries, and a personal representative is named. Next, the personal representative must give notice to creditors and the assets of the Estate must be properly inventoried. The third step in Probate is to pay all expenses and debts and file the necessary tax returns. Finally, assets are distributed and titles, if necessary, are transferred. At times, challenges and disputes may arise and must be addressed before an Estate is closed.

Abom & Kutulakis offers decades of experience and skillful management of the Probate process. We can assist in timely payment of taxes to take advantage of discounts. We can guide you in an asset disposition that will reduce taxes and other expenses to the fullest extent permitted by law. Our attorneys are thoughtful and compassionate and will provide you with the guidance you need during this difficult time.

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