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When someone under the age of 18 is accused of engaging in criminal activity, that accusation generally is conveyed through a juvenile delinquency “Petition.” The days of juveniles being given a slap on the wrist are gone and, unfortunately, a determination that the alleged delinquency was committed can have adverse consequences on a child’s future employment and educational opportunities.

Just as an adult has legal rights when charged with a crime, your accused child has rights including: the right to counsel, the right to remain silent, and the right to a fair and impartial hearing.

The parent or guardian of an accused juvenile will be invited to meet with a juvenile probation officer unless the child has been detained by authorities due to the severity of the incident. When meeting with juvenile probation, you should have an attorney present and should be mindful that anything your child says can, and likely will, be used against your child. Our attorneys can help guide you through the juvenile delinquency process and advise you on helping your child preserve his or her future opportunities.

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