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When a couple plans to dissolve a marriage, there are often disputes over how to divide the marital property. The legal process for settling these disputes is called Equitable Distribution. The process of equitable distribution may become complicated as it is sometimes difficult to identify which debts and assets are marital property. Our attorneys will focus on your wishes as we guide you through this important step.

The factors considered in the distribution of marital property are: the length of the marriage; number of previous marriages; age, health, station, income, skills, employability, estate and needs of the parties; contribution by one party to the education or training of the other; opportunity of each party for future acquisition of assets; sources of income; contribution or dissipation of marital property; value of the property; standard of living and custody of children.

As tempting as it may be to compare your situation with the experiences of friends and family, it is highly unlikely that your case will be the same as any other. We have many years of experience in this complex area of the law and will negotiate the best settlement we can for your circumstances.

Equitable Distribution
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