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As a legal document, the Power of Attorney will be an important element of your estate plan. The document authorizes a person whom you select to make financial and, if desired, medical, decisions on your behalf. This authority may be temporary or permanent, it may apply in one area or several areas of your affairs, and decision-making power may pertain to actions made while you are living and/or if you become incapacitated.

Abom and Kutulakis is prepared to write and implement a Power of Attorney that designates the person you choose and reflects the areas of authority you want them to have. We are qualified to guide you in appointing an appropriate Power of Attorney and advise you on which transactions you could have them may make on your behalf. Among activities you will want to consider assigning to your Power of Attorney are:

  • Buying and selling property on your behalf
  • Opening or closing bank accounts on your behalf
  • Managing daily financial affairs on your behalf
  • Providing for your and your family’s maintenance
  • Making health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so

There are many other practical uses for this important legal device beyond estate administration, and we are prepared to review them with you and advise you on how a Power of Attorney can be helpful in your specific situation.

Power of Attorney
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