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When you have been contacted by the police or learn that you are under criminal investigation — even if you have not committed any offense — it is bound to be a very nerve-wracking experience.

Yet everyone, regardless of any fault, has a right to remain silent. In fact, the statements you give to the police and any other steps that you take can make a significance difference in the outcome of the matter, from whether charges are filed to the amount of time spent in jail. Meeting with an attorney before speaking with the police can help you decide whether it is in your best interest to offer statements to police or assist police in their investigation.

You may worry that the police will think you have done something wrong if you have an attorney help you, but what the police think is not evidence. The fact that you have an attorney cannot be used against you. Your statements, however, can be. As troubling as an investigation may feel, and as much as you may wish for a quick resolution, our attorneys can guide you in taking measured steps that are in your best interest.

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