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Are you dealing with a Protection from Abuse Order? Whether the order is temporary or permanent — whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff — Protection from Abuse proceedings are very serious matters with potentially long-term effects, so it is wise to seek legal advice before making written or verbal statements in connection to a PFA.

Both parties in a Protection from Abuse case are entitled to have attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced not only with the laws surrounding Protection from Abuse, but also with the potential criminal aspects, and we personally know the practices of the local county courts.

For the defendant, a PFA Order can be life changing. Our attorneys can advise you on making statements and offering testimony over the course of any proceeding, as your statements can also be used for other purposes, such as in criminal prosecutions or civil trials.

A temporary PFA order, which is based on the word of one person without a hearing, is immediate. It can prevent you from having contact with your children; evict you from your home; confiscate your firearms; and, among other things, require you to pay support. You can incur financial losses, including moving expenses, potentially for a period of three years if the order becomes final. A temporary order can also be extended. Even if a temporary order has expired, it may still be considered in custody cases, employment prospects, professional licensing, and firearms rights.

Criminal charges are another problem faced by a defendant in a PFA case. The alleged abuse may result in criminal charges, and violations of the PFA Order can be deemed to be indirect criminal contempt. If a violation is alleged, the police become involved and you may be incarcerated for a time until your case can be heard, even if you are ultimately exonerated. Abom & Kutulakis can help you through every stage of the legal proceedings.

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