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Police charge more people with the crime of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs more than any other offense in Pennsylvania. DUI is one offense that touches every cross section of our community. A DUI accusation can cause embarrassment and job loss and a later conviction could lead to jail, house arrest and lengthy license suspensions.

The DUI laws in Pennsylvania are complex and the laws have been and continued to be amended, most significantly in 2018 when some DUI were upgraded to felony offenses. Even though the DUI statutes are the same statewide, in order to address the large volume of cases, every county has its own distinct procedural steps; so, what may happen in York or Harrisburg may not be the same as in Carlisle or Chambersburg.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in these areas, we know each county’s ARD requirements, and we can discuss challenges to your blood alcohol level and other steps police took to apprehend and accuse you. We can also be creative about persuading local prosecutors to craft offenses and punishments to better fit your employment, shorten license suspension or advise you when to apply to provisional or “bread and butter” licenses.

We take your DUI defense personally. If the police have arrested you for drunk driving and you received a DUI charge, Abom & Kutulakis LLC will effectively fight for your rights.

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