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The custody of a child is divided into two categories: physical and legal. The physical custody of a child is the actual possession of the child. Legal custody of a child is the right to make major decisions affecting the best interests of the child, including medical, religious and educational decisions. Abom & Kutulakis attorneys have decades of experience working with the courts that make decisions on both types of custody.

In many cases, parents agree on how they will share custody, and are able to seek an Order of Custody to document their agreement. We can guide you in filing a Custody Complaint and entering into an agreement called a Stipulation that reflects your shared custody plan.

However, when parents do not agree upon a custodial arrangement, a Custody Complaint is filed, and a formal court process begins. At some point, depending on rules in individual counties, the parents are brought before an attorney appointed by the court as a Conciliator. This process will often occur in a setting which is less formal than a courtroom and may even be held in a conference room. It is the Conciliator’s role to attempt to reach an amicable resolution and encourage the parties to enter into an agreement. Should the parties be unable to reach an agreement, a custody trial will be held within 180 days of the service of the custody complaint.

Our attorneys are ready to represent your interests and we will explain every step of custody proceedings to you and will ensure that your legal rights with respect to custody are protected.

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