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Celebrating 20 Years

Abom & Kutulakis Attorneys at Law in Carlisle

25 Years’ Experience in Criminal Law

We have defended those under investigation or accused of crimes in courts across Pennsylvania. Our lawyers are certified to defend death penalty cases in state and federal courts.

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Abom & Kutulakis Attorneys at Law in Carlisle

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Whether it is your liberty, job, driving privileges, or your reputation at stake, our defense attorneys will fight on your behalf.

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Family Law

Our caring lawyers understand the difficult and complex issues in family legal matters. They will help you make decisions that protect your family and your future.

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Children & Youth

We defend against reported child abuse and Child Protective Services investigations, and we will fight for your parental rights. We can facilitate the return of your child from county custody.

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Wills, Trusts & Estates

Our team provides careful and compassionate planning that allows you to pass on the legacy you have built during your lifetime of hard work.

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Abom & Kutulakis Attorneys at Law in Carlisle

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

From beginning to end seamless and painless! I was treated with respect and not like a criminal by Attorney Jay Abom, the service was exceptional and exceeded all my expectations. No surprises along the way and my schedule was accommodated.
Sani – Client
Best lawyer I've ever worked with. Completely prepared and able to simplify terms and strategies. Felt like Mr. Craig Kauzlarich was on my side, not just trying to rack up billable hours.
Travis – Client
For my first time needing an attorney, Michele Kluk was excellent! She was very detailed about what was needed for my case. Very task at hand type of person that also made me feel comfortable about my situation. I would not hesitate to hire her again!
Mark │ Client
Attorney Michele Kluk was professional and kind. I hired her immediately. The same day she arranged for hand delivery of documents to the court to get my case expedited (due to specific circumstances). I have had 2 other attorneys in the past that, while professional, lacked her sense of urgency and understanding. I would hire her again without thought.
Emily │ Client
Craig always was very professional, and genuinely cared about my needs as a client. I was thoroughly happy with his diligence to address new issues that were raised throughout the time he represented me. Even though the plaintiffs were dead set on a felony charge, we worked together and were not satisfied with what they were proposing and through his keen insight he managed to convince the plaintiffs to change their charges to a misdemeanor charge. Through his diligence and his professionalism, this has helped me to maintain a continuous path in my career field.
Keith │ Client
We hired Craig to defend our son. Our son was sick and had a drug problem. A DUI charge turned into far more serious charges. After 17 months Craig was able to have our son plea to probation. Craig was upfront about what our son was facing. I have no doubt that another attorney would have encouraged our son to take the initial offer of almost 2 years in prison. When Craig met our son, he was a young man lost, with a drug problem. Today, he is a sophomore in college, completed 10 months of rehab and has another chance at life.
Joe │ Client
I was in need of legal representation for an out of state matter & was referred to Mr. Craig Kauzlarich by my personal attorney. Mr. Kauzlarich was a pleasure to do business with. I could not be more pleased with his representation. I found Craig to be very knowledgeable, easy to speak to, professional and courteous. Excellent communication, follow-up & follow through.
Michael │ Client
Attorney Michele Kluk was professional, knowledgeable, & thorough. She was easy to talk to. She made me feel at ease & explained things to me in terms I could understand. When I would call or email her, she was easily accessible & always got back to me in a timely manner. And, she was successful in winning my case! I would absolutely recommend her & wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again, if the need should ever arise.
Chris – Client
Danielle – Client
Attorney Linda Clotfelter was always well prepared for our case. She was compassionate and listened to our issues and handled them appropriately. I would definitely recommend her!
Lisa – Client
Attorney Stephanie Cesare was great from the start! I knew from the moment I had my consult with her, that she was the one I wanted to represent me in my case. She was upfront and honest and explained different scenarios that could happen. Stephanie went above and beyond for my case and got things resolved very QUICKLY! What could have been several misdemeanors on my background she got down to one simple citation charge.
Wesley – Client
We appreciated Attorney Stephanie Cesare's thoroughness and enthusiasm in defending our son in a PFA hearing. It was refreshing to have a an attorney that is approachable and quick to address issues that come up. She does an excellent job communicating and keeping the client informed. It was very evident she understands the inner "workings" of the justice system and is knowledgeable about the law. She also does a great job explaining the legal process to the family members involved. It is quite evident she loves what she does.  
David and Justine – Clients
I used Attorney Abom several years ago for a criminal case. He advised me through the case, didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear to drag things out and get more money out of me. I feel he achieved the best results under the circumstances and his fees were fair. Recently, I contacted Attorney Abom again about a driver's license/ DUI situation with trying to get my license reinstated. (I tried several avenues to find out why PennDOT would not reinstate my license for a interlock system.) Within a day Attorney Abom had the answers that I needed, even though it was not what I wanted to hear. He advised against taking it to court and gave only a 10% chance of winning, I think the majority of attorneys may not be this honest to advise this way. Dealing with an attorney is always expensive and not something anyone looks forward to, but it helps if you can fully trust the one you are dealing with!
Denny – Client
I won't go into the specifics of my case but when I went to see Attorney John Abom I was extremely distraught and worried to say the least. John took his time and listened to my concerns carefully and in a genuinely caring way talked with me, calmed me down and put my mind at ease. We discussed the issues at hand and he explained everything and the best case/worst case scenarios in a way I could understand. I could tell he also took a personal interest in my well-being which meant a lot to me. As the case moved through the process John was always available to talk to me and his staff kept me informed of what was happening. I never felt like I was just another "case." John made some great recommendations and offered advice along the way so that when it came time to "face the music" I was as prepared as I could be. It turned out that John was spot-on in his assessment and was able to successfully negotiate an agreement that was far better than anything I expected. And for that I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend John's firm to anyone needing a competent legal representation. Hopefully I will never need his services again but if I do I would not hesitate to call him.
Steve – Client
Jay Abom's firm did family law work for us several years ago. The work was fantastic, timely and we felt like we had a great advocate in our corner fighting for us. I would highly recommend Jay Abom and his firm.
Carol – Client
I came to Attorney Brian Platt with a case from 12 years ago. I had been to four other attorneys who said they could not help and I had no case. Then I found this man. The most efficient, detail oriented and compassionate lawyer I have ever retained. Brian is top of the line. By all means retain and hire him you will not be disappointed.
Debra – Client
Attorney Brian Platt is one of the most fantastic lawyers ever, his knowledge and expertise is what put me at ease when it came to him handling my case. He was always available when I called, or called me back before the end of the day. Attorney Platt took however much time was needed in order for me to understand how things worked in the criminal justice system. He walked me through every step of what was going on with my case, told me what to expect, and made sure I had a clear understanding of what was going on with my case. Although he was my attorney, he had no problem answering questions that my wife had for him. There were times that I cried in his office. Attorney Platt remained professional and helped me work through the emotional devastation I was dealing with at that time. He promised me that he would work persistently and consistently in advocating for me, and he did just that. I highly recommend that you hire Attorney Brian Platt to handle your case.  
Anthony – Client
Mr. Abom provided excellent service. Because of him, the outcome of my legal case was far better than I had hoped for. He succeeded in getting one of the major charges against me dismissed, and worked on my behalf to get very favorable terms of sentencing. He and his staff were always prompt in responding to my phone calls and emails. He always answered my questions and provided understandable explanations throughout.
Michael – Client
Attorney Brian Platt was very attentive to my case and spent the time and diligence needed to get me the best outcome. He spent the time reviewing everything clearly and weighed out all options. He had a relationship and rapport with the prosecutors that other defense attorneys did not. I have had experience with different defense attorneys, and he was by far the best. He got the DA to give in and compromise to what we wanted. I highly recommend for your defense. There are so many attorneys available and it's a difficult decision. Brian Platt will do whatever can be done to help you and not accept anything less. My outcome was much better than I expected thanks to him.
I was feeling very lost on how to handle child custody because I had such a terrible relationship with my daughter’s father. Attorney Michele Kluk was very patient, answered all of my questions, gave me several options, and made sure I was comfortable with the decisions every step of the way. I felt very confident giving her the good, the bad, the ugly in order for her to help me. Plus, she followed up with my case months after it was over to make sure I was still ok. I hope I don’t have to hire a lawyer again, but I would hire her if I had to!
I called Attorney John Abom on a Sunday with intentions of just leaving a message because I never thought he would answer during his personal time regarding an important worrisome heavy-hearted question. He not only took the time to answer my question he also assured me he would double check to make me feel even more comfortable; so, not even 24 hours later he did just that. I could not be happier with his thoughtfulness and unselfishness, certainly a good experience if you’re seeking trustworthy guidance… simply pleased.

Abom & Kutulakis Attorneys at Law in Carlisle

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