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When a divorce is looming in your future, it may feel like a daunting task to prepare for, but we can help. The divorce attorneys at Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way. Your divorce lawyer will give you legal support so that you can move from your current separation from your spouse if that has happened already, to preparing for the divorce and then to discussing the future outcome including what will happen at mediation.

The first step in preparing for a divorce is to gather all of your financial assets that you have together, including all personal documents, legal and otherwise to bring to the mediation. Make sure to include insurances, health benefits, financial investments, tax statements, etc. We will prepare the totals prior to mediation to decide what we will ask for from your spouse in terms of dividing up all legal and financial assets. We will discuss any possible child support or alimony that may need to be paid to or from you and your divorce lawyer will explain what to expect from the marriage settlement.

If you are not currently separated from your spouse, your divorce lawyer may recommend that you make arrangements to live elsewhere while you are preparing for the divorce. You may choose to stay with family or find another place. If you fear you are in danger, your divorce lawyer can help you obtain a Protection from Abuse (PFA). At Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C., we understand that the divorce can be a burden financially and emotionally and we hope to make the divorce process as stress-free as possible by preparing you in the right way. We will be responsive to your needs and make sure you have us as a trusted ally in a difficult time.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce, or one in which you both agree to, can be accomplished in about 3 months or so. A contested divorce can be completed by court hearing or after living separate and apart for two years. Your divorce lawyer will be there for you either way, to ensure that your spouse is fair with the division of assets, to be sure you get the proper representation in court or even just to sit beside you for moral support in the simplest of divorce hearings.

Our Attorneys Have the Experience You Need

At Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C., our divorce attorneys are experienced, tough, and will act with your benefit in mind at all times. Call us today set up a consultation so that you can begin preparing for your divorce immediately.