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Estate Planning Attorney Services in Carlisle, York, and Chambersburg, PA

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A well crafted estate plan can ensure that your wealth is distributed according to your wishes, both during your lifetime or after your death. Careful and compassionate planning can allow you to pass on the legacy you have built during your lifetime of hard work.

Whether your goal is to avoid taxes, preserve assets, avoid probate, or provide a seamless transition of wealth from one generation to the next, Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. can guide you through and implement the estate planning techniques and documents needed to achieve your goals. Our estate planning and administration documents and services include:

  • Preparation and execution of Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Spousal protection documents, including prenuptial and post nuptial agreements
  • Probate of an estate involving a Last Will and Testament, including obtaining Letters Testamentary
  • Administration of an estate of someone passing away without a Last Will and Testament, including obtaining Letters of Administration
  • Comprehensive estate management, including filing all required Court papers, estate accountings, disbursement of estate proceeds to heirs, and final resolution of outstanding debts of the decedent
  • Preparation of federal and state estate tax returns, and final individual tax returns for the decedent
  • Estate and Trust litigation, if necessary
  • Representation of a beneficiary in a Will contest

Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. is committed to providing you with peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order and your wishes reflected so that your legacy will pass as you desire. Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.C. provides guidance, direction and counseling to handle the technical details of managing a decedent's affairs, allowing the survivors to focus on the grieving process.

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