Sandusky appeal denied

HARRISBURG — The State Superior Court today rejected an appeal by Jerry Sandusky, who was trying to get his sexual abuse convictions overturned. Last year, Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys and sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. An attorney for Sandusky says he will now appeal to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court but a local attorney says there’s only a slim chance the higher court will take on the appeal. “Here you have routine discretion of court,” Jason Kutulakis said. “I don’t see the Supreme Court taking this case at all.” He says that’s because Sandusky’s appeal does not include constitutional questions. The appeal by Sandusky focuses on the decision of the Commonwealth Court Judge who oversaw the case in Centre County. The Sandusky appeal contested his conviction on three main points: the prosecution made inappropriate statements about Sandusky not taking the stand, the judge didn’t properly instruct the jury, and there wasn’t enough time to prepare for the case. Two weeks after the Superior Court heard oral arguments for the appeal, it affirmed the actions of the lower court judge and affirmed the Sandusky’ convictions.


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