What’s next for Sandusky?


Through a hurricane of camera clicks, Sandusky did not speak a word as he was led from the Centre County Courthouse after learning he will spend at least the next 30 years in prison.

Wearing a red prison jumpsuit and holding a manila envelope, the 68-year-old convicted child rapist was put into a sheriff’s office cruiser Tuesday and hauled off to the Centre County Prison for the next 10 days.

What’s next?

Barring any delay by post-sentence motions, Sandusky is expected to be transferred to the state prison in Camp Hill late next week. As part of standard procedure he will be strip searched, showered, and handed a dark state prison uniform.

Fran Chardo, First Assistant District Attorney for Dauphin County, said Sandusky will then undergo a full evaluation process.

“They’ll decide what prison to send him to,” Chardo said. “That might take six to eight weeks for them to classify him.”

Sandusky will receive a medical and mental health checkup. His escape risk and suicide threat risks will be calculated.

Chardo said Sandusky most likely will not serve out his 30- to 60-year sentence in Camp Hill. Based on the results of the evaluations, he likely will be transferred to another state prison.

Legal experts said because of Sandusky’s age, he may be transferred to a state prison that specialized in geriatrics. Correctional facility officials will also take into account Sandusky’s high-profile status. Because he is a convicted child predator, many understand that is a vulnerable label among the inmate population.

Carlisle attorney Jay Abom said corrections officers are obligated to protect him.

“That might mean solitary confinement because they can be assured that nobody is going to cause him any harm,” Abom said.

The 10-day window will allow attorneys to file any post-sentencing motions. Sandusky’s defense attorney, Joe Amendola, had said he plans to file motions regarding procedure.

Abom said that after the post-sentence motions are filed, the next step is to appeal the case to the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Amendola is also expected to file complaints that the defense team was not given enough time to prepare for trial.

Abom said Amendola has been allowed to file post-hearing evidence and is allowed to do so until Sandusky’s death. That is why Sandusky has maintained his innocence, according to Abom: to resolve himself from conflict when appealing the convictions.

However, in Abom’s legal opinion, the defense has no chance.

“That they haven’t done so four months later tells me that there’s nothing out there they’re going to find,” Abom said.

Kathleen Kane, the Democratic candidate for state attorney general, believes the Sandusky scandal will become a positive beacon for transparency. She said that if elected, she will make sure all sex abuse victims have a voice.

Currently, the statue of limitations to report sex abuse crimes is under scrutiny.

“It’s an arbitrary number to state that at the age of 50 a person who was the victim of child sex abuse ought to be able to come forward and say the most horrific acts that ever occurred to them,” Kane said. “We need to make sure that statute is taken away.”

Kane’s Republican opponent, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed, also reacted to Sandusky’s sentence in a statement.

“I, along with my law enforcement colleagues across Pennsylvania, am incredibly grateful to the courageous victims of these crimes who came forward, as adults, to tell their horrific stories,” Freed said. “Without the cooperation and resolve of these victims, there would be no case and another predator would be walking our streets free to harm again.”

Courtesy of ABC27 – By Dave Marcheskie

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