Local lawyer pushes for stricter standards for reporting child abuse

Members of the local law community are reacting to how Penn State’s administration handled allegations that former football Coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused 8 boys.

Lawyer Jason Kutulakis of Abom & Kutulakis law firm in Carlisle says the allegations surrounding his alma mater are difficult to hear.

“From the perspective of being actually a parent, I’m outraged by the alleged conduct, or lack thereof on behalf of Penn State,” he said.

Kutulakis says he has requested an amendment to the Child Protective Services Law in light of the recent allegations.

Under current law, a mandated reporter in a schools setting is required to report the suspicion of child abuse to a school administrator. However, that administrator has the power to decide whether or not the claim warrants getting law enforcement and other child advocacy groups involved.

Kutulakis says this situation is a good example of how the current law is leaving children unprotected.

“The Child Protective Services system is there to protect those who are the most vulnerable, and that’s our youth,” he said, “We must rally around them whenever there is an allegation of child abuse.”

He said Senate Bill 549 touches on making changes to the current Child Protective Services Law, that could help more cases of child abuse get reported by school administrators.

By Jeannie Flitner – ABC27

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