Trial continues for man accused of molesting children


It’s a case that is filled with graphic allegations of sexual abuse of four children by Robert Brown.

Tuesday in court, one of the victims testified that Brown abused her several times when she was eight or nine years old. She told the court that she was “scared” during the abuse and that it “made her feel uncomfortable.”

Brown was seated in the courtroom as she testified. Child advocates say that although very important to the judicial process, putting children victims on the stand can be a difficult experience for them.

Jason Kutulakis has worked extensively with the organization Child-First Pa. The organization aims to better train professionals on how to handle claims of abuse, and to put the needs of the victim first. He explained that this is achieved by making the process more child-friendly by using language children understand, and by videotaping interviews of them so they don’t have to repeat their statements several times.

“Bringing a young child in who’s little feet can’t even touch the ground is an intimidating situation,” he explained, saying the atmosphere of a courtroom can make adults uncomfortable let alone children who will be seated just feet away from their abusers.

Prosecutors played video recordings of interviews between Brown and a Pennsylvania State Police corporal. During the interviews, Brown admitted to touching all four victims.

At one point, the corporal asked Brown if he understood what he was doing was illegal and Brown said he did. He claimed the abuse happened after the victims asked him questions out of curiosity.

The trial will continue Wednesday morning.

Courtesy of ABC27

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